Rumi Organization for Research is delighted to announce the third phase of providing vouchers to Afghan girls and boys. Nearly 200 vouchers were provided in the first and second rounds. These vouchers will enable Afghans to take the Duolingo English examination free of charge. This happened through the generous support of Duolingo and the efforts of Rumi.

  • The Rumi Organization has compiled a set of materials to aid Afghan men/women in preparing for the Duolingo examination. Tutorials have been made available for public perusal, viewing, and practice, with the aim of achieving the highest possible score on the test. These tutorials can be accessed via the link You need to have a strong connection to download the .zip files. You also need to use computer to download the files becasue of their large size. It is a great idea to download them using a download manager such as 'Internet Download Manager.'

  • To practice Duolingo for free, please click.

    For any questions, please email us at

    Deadline is met. We will get back ONLY to the shortlisted applicants by 15th of January.

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